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Representatives of the Muslim elite of the world gathered in Istanbul for the first global summit Salamworld. 

Representatives of the Muslim elite from 40 countries gathered in Istanbul to attend the first Global Summit Salamworld, an international company that develops the Muslims’ oriented social media platform. The event was covered by more than 60 representatives of international and Turkish news agencies. 

The summit began with a welcome message of Prime Minister Redjep Tayyip Erdogan, followed by address of the former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed and head of the Libyan Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul Jalil. In particular, former Prime Minister of Malaysia and the Independent Director of Salamworld Mahathir Mohamed in his video statement noted that "the extent of the influence of social networks and their role in the way of communicating, building relationships and business development are striking. The mission of Salamworld to research and develop the first Muslim social network is of great importance. "

 In turn, the Chairman of Salamworld thanked the guests for participation, stressing: "We are proud for support and words of approval of the project Salamworld by Muslims around the world. It inspires us to develop the project Salamworld, unifying and strengthening the Ummah. We are open for cooperation and partnership. "

 After the presentation of Salamworld by the famous British TV presenter and reporter Riz Khan, organizers and guests of the summit discussed the concept of a new social network and the current situation of information technology in Islamic countries. The Summit expressed concern at the slow rate of growth of innovation and technology in Islamic countries. In light of this, the guests stressed the importance of the project Salamworld for the Muslim world community. In turn, representatives of Salamworld noted that the development of the new platform was due to a greater extent of the need to create an alternative online space, comfort for the Muslims, rather than a desire to compete with popular existing social networks.

 At the end of the summit a famous singer-songwriter Sami Yusuf sang for the gathered. During a live performance the songs are sounded in English, Azerbaijani, Urdu, Farsi and Arabic. 

Salamworld - is a global business project created in order to form an exemplary model of a virtual community of peace and harmony. Salamworld – is an alternative way of virtual life that meets the needs of modern Muslim.

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