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Uniting regions

Russia is a Permanent member of the World Economic Forum, WEF holds periodically sessions in Russia. The last forum was attended by the delegation of Tatarstan led by President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

Despite the continued participation of our national representatives in the conference - Davos has first of all "Pan-European 'objectives. At the same time the Russian business community requires the consolidation no less than the world.

A useful tool would be "our own Davos." The event, which draws attention to Russia, shows the transparency of the markets and current trends to minimize risks, showing to the international community the prospect of investment in small and medium businesses. And such an event takes place.

Through Tatarstan in Russia

Since 2009, Kazan has been holding the International Summit KAZANSUMMIT. By the time the Islamic economic model proved itself as stable and adequate, and the arrangement of the Summit is reasonable in Tatarstan - Tatarstan has historically been considered as the "cradle" of the Russian Islam. In addition, the RT is now a leader in the development platforms of the Russian Federation.

For three years, Summit has successfully attracted investors from around the world in Tatarstan, representing the interests of Russia in the global investment. Among the Summit participants - representatives of government agencies, financial and banking institutions, business community and international investors.

The summit is constantly evolving. The number of visitors is growing, the topics of round tables and forums are expanding. The main theme of the International Summit this year will be the economic cooperation between the Russian Federation and countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. It should be noted that this is a unique initiative for Russia, which is an observer in this organization.

The International Economic Cooperation summit of Russia and OIC countries should be the catalyst-event, which will be able to present Russia as a place worthy of investment trust and, on the other hand, show the domestic business community the openness and readiness of Islamic countries to work together.

Earlier this year in Switzerland, 42nd World Economic Forum - the largest global economic event with a forty-year history – finished its work. This event traditionally brings together high-ranking guests from all over the world and it is here where the economic trends are set.

Now, after many years, the forum in Davos - one of the most anticipated events in the business world. It all started as a symposium of management in the small Swiss town, designed to help Western Europe in a competitive economy.

Thus, a local symposium, collecting a long time to five hundred people, became a "trendsetter" in the international economic arena. Helping Europe - helping the world.

Press Service of the KAZANSUMMIT 2012

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