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The mosque "Suleiman" during the training and rehabilitation courses for the Blind hosted its first classes on learning the basics of reading of the Quran and Islam. Currently, twenty-three people take the rehabilitation in the mosque.

Taking into account the individual abilities and different levels of knowledge of each student the head of the education office Malik Gelmutdinov has developed a flexible curriculum.

During the day, the course participants learn the Arabic alphabet, learn about sharia law, Aqidah, biography of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam). Many of shakirds learn to read the prayer – namaz or salat.

"I'm so glad that I have chance to study in your center, I really wanted to learn how to read namaz but with a blind person no one wants to mess around, but here, in the mosque "Suleiman " the first time I felt like a complete human being, and has already mastered many of motion in prayer" - Rasim-apa from Chistopol shares her joy.

In order to remove the emotional burden the blind take classes on athletic trainers, lessons on the orientation within the terrain.

All shakirds thank the imam of the mosque Ildar Bayazitov for the opportunity to undergo rehabilitation. citing the press service of the “Suleiman” mosque.

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