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Syrian businessmen visit Moscow A delegation of Syrian businessmen, participants of the international project of the Russian Muftis Council and the Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation, "Public Dialogue: Russia-Arab World", visited Moscow upon the invitation of Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin.

Syrian entrepreneurs enjoyed a very eventful business program. During their visit, the First Deputy Chairman organized meetings with representatives of the Russian business community. The delegates had the opportunity to meet the co-chairman of the All-Russian public organization “Delovaya Rossiya”, the chairman of the organizing committee of the Yalta International Economic Forum, Andrey Nazarov. The parties reached an agreement regarding cooperation between the Russian and Syrian companies, the participation of Russian companies in the reconstruction of Syria. The parties expressed a high opinion of the 5th Anniversary Yalta International Forum held in April.

In addition, the delegates also met Rasul Botashev, a State Duma deputy of the VII convocation, member of the “Edinaya Rossiya” faction. The parties discussed issues related to the development of Russian-Syrian cooperation in the field of car manufacturing, aviation, agricultural fertilizers, mining and money transfers.

At the end of the visit, the Syrian delegated thanked the chairman of the Russian Muftis Council and the Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation, Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin, and the first deputy chairman of the RMC Rushan Abbyasov for the invitation, warm welcome and assistance.

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