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Cooperation between Russian and Uzbek Muslims A Memorandum of Cooperation between two tour operators — the Muslim Tour agency under the Russian Muftis Council represented by Ali Gurdin, and MUSLIM-TOUR (Uzbekistan) represented by Jakhongir Salamov — was signed at the Moscow Cathedral Mosque:.

The signing of this document was the result of agreements reached during a meeting held on April 11 in Kazakhstan, between the Chairman of the Russian Muftis Council and the Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin and the Chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of Uzbekistan Mufti Usmankhon Alimov.

According to the document, the areas of cooperation include information exchange, investment in tourism, tourism marketing and promotion of tourism products, professional training.

The parties expressed their intention to sign an agreement between the Russian Muftis Council, the State Committee for Tourism Development of Uzbekistan and the abovementioned tour operators. They also suggested conducting a business session on tourism within the framework of the 10th International Moscow Halal Expo exhibition, which will be held in the autumn of 2019.

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