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Russian hafiz wins third prize at Qur'an Reciting contest in Egypt The 26th International Quran Reciting Competition, organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf, took place in Cairo on 23-29 March.

Russia was represented in the "Young Hafiz" nomination by Abdullah Chakhkiev, who currently lives in the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania in the village of Mayskoye. Abdullah is only 11 years old, but he has already memorized the entire Quran and has participated in many Russian Qur;an recitation contests, including the Eurasian Quran reciting contest in Saratov in 2018.

The International Quran Reciting Competition in Egypt has several nominations, one of them being for young reciters of the Holy Quran below the age of 12. This year 20 young hafizs came together to compete in this nomination. For Abdullah, this was the first experience of participating in an international competition abroad. Despite the tough competition, he managed to win the third prize.  Sarah Zakaria from Egypt won the first prize, and Ahmad Jamal, also from Egypt, was given the second prize.

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