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Damir Mukhetdinov meets representatives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Today Damir Mukhetdinov, first deputy chairman of the Religious  Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation, rector of the Moscow Islamic Institute, executive secretary of the Muslim International Forum, met with the religious advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, Ambassador Jean-Christophe Passel, and with the Deputy Director of the Department of Continental Europe, Nicolas de Lacoste.

The parties discussed the results of the XIV International Muslim Forum “Islam and globalization challenges”, which was held on December 10, 2018 in Paris. The event was attended by leaders and representatives of more than 40 Muslim religious organizations, authorities and influential academic institutions of the Eurasian continent, including the head of Russian Muslims, Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin, President of the French Council of Muslim Faith, Ahmet Ogras, Jean-Christophe Passel, Director of the London Islamic Cultural Centre Ahmad Al-Dubaian, President of the European Muslim Forum Abdul-Wahed Niyazov, Director of the Research department at the Al-Ghazali Institute at the Paris Cathedral mosque Azzedin Avir and others.

The Ambassador expressed his satisfaction with the fact that Paris was chosen to host the International Muslim Forum and said that France would always be delighted to welcome Muslim leaders of Eurasia.

The parties agreed to develop further cooperation aimed at strengthening ties on the European continent and promoting harmonious interreligious dialogue, integration and respect for secular law while infringing on religious rights and freedoms.

It should be noted that yesterday the Russian religious leader met with German Foreign Minister Volker Berresheim and discussed issues related to the 15th International Muslim Forum “Interfaith Dialogue in a (Post) Secular World - Searching for Interaction Platforms”, which will take place in Berlin.

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