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Global halal market offers new opportunities for Russian export One of the biggest fairs for food, beverages and catering business took place in the Dubai World Trade Centre (UAE) on February 26 — March 2. Over 5000 local and international companies participated in this exhibition. More than 95000 visitors from 170 countries attended the event.

The exhibition was divided into pavilions according to different themes: meat and poultry, dairy products, cereal and grain products, fat-and-oil products, canned food, beverages, healthy food, and separate booths representing different countries. The majority of exhibitors, with some minor exceptions, presented their products as products complying with halal standards, which rightly makes Gulfood 2017 the most important event of the global industry of halal food and drinks.

The Ministry of agriculture of Russia set up the Russian booth at the Gulfood exhibition for the second time. Some companies that received the certificate od the International Centre for Halal Standardization and Certification of the Russia Muftis Council presented their products. This year the number of Russian exhibitors has grown: over 20 companies from different industries participated in the event, including GAP Resurs, APH Miratorg, The Cherkizovo group, OOO Optimum (with Ekol brand), GK Damate and ZAO Belaya Ptitsa. There were also booths for Tatarstan and Stavropol region set up for the first time.

Just as in 2016, the delegation of the International Centre for Halal Standardization and Certification, was actively working during the Exhibition. It should be reminded that in 2014 the Halal Centre was accredited in the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water. The main focus was on promoting Russian halal products at the market of the GCC countries and on strengthening international business relations with the Muslim world.

The general director of the International Centre for Halal Standardization and Certification Aidar Gazizov, together with the representatives of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia headed by deputy Minister Sergei Levin, participated in a number of meetings, in particular, with the director of the ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology). The parties expressed their interest in expanding commercial and economical relations, which includes agriculture.  

The events such as the Global Halal Industry Platform Forum organized by ESMA took place during the exhibition. At the forum the companies accredited by ESMA received their rewards, and the first Russian company to complete the accreditation process was the group of agricultural enterprises Resurs with the Ptitsekombinat and Stavropolskiy Broiler poultry farms. It should be noted that GAP Resurs is the biggest exporter of halal poultry and has been exporting broiler chickens for more than 2 years, its sales geography extending from the Western Africa to Asia.

The European products’ import suspension and the import phase-out policy resulted in quality improvement of Russian products, some of which can not only replace imported products, but also take their place at the global food market.

Taking into account the growing number of Russian export-oriented companies, especially those interested in entering the markets of Muslim countries, it can be expected that there will be more Russian exhibitors at Gulfood and other large international fairs.

Participation in big international events, such as Gulfood, contributes to strengthening relationships between Russia and Muslim countries and opens up new opportunities for Russian manufacturers of halal products.

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