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During the designing a new complex of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque - the main mosque in Russia, which hosts the guests and Muslims of our capital, there were two main options for a new building of the mosque.

A possible option was a preservation of the old building and its entry into the new complex in its old unmodified form.

But there were several factors against this option: the improper orientation of the old building on the Qibla - the shrine of Islam in Mecca. But the main factor was the technical characteristics of the old mosque that was built during the three winter months of 1904, without any foundation, also the used wall materials and cementing between the bricks created a danger to parishioners. Acts of cracks in the walls and repair work to address them were compiled over many decades.

It was decided to totally reconstruct and re-create the original appearance of the mosque (which in 1961 was considerably changed). Deep underpinning for the re-created in the same style walls gives additional opportunity for technical maintenance of the building in terms of fire safety, air conditioning and ventilation.

Special measurements of the building were made during designing and reconstruction, elements of decor, complementing the project of the new prayer hall, were preserved. Minarets of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque complex repeat the silhouette of the tower Syuyumbike in Kazan.

September 2 an act on the increase of the crack size in the wall of the mosque was once again compiled. Prayers at this time had already been transferred to a hall of a temporary erected building.

On the night of September 10, during a downpour the western wall of the old building collapsed, some walls came down inside the hall, and some - in the surrounding area.

September 10 in the morning on Saturday, it was decided to demolish urgently the remaining three walls, since there was a danger of further destruction.

After clearing the debris it is supposed to start work on rebuilding the historic part of the new mosque complex.


(a historic mosque - in front, in the center between the two minarets, with a small dome)


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