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According to the decision of the participants of the Conference the draft of the Resolution will be available on the official website of the organizing committee for ammendments untill October 25.

All the suggestions to be sent by e-mail:


International Conference

«Russia and the Islamic World: Partnership for Stability»

Moscow, September 24, 2009 .

We, the participants of the International conference “Russia and the Islamic world: Partnership for Stability” representing different religious, non-governmental, public and regional organizations of Russia and the Islamic world and representatives of Muslim communities of other countries, declare that in the conditions of the global crises the cooperation between Russia and the states of Islamic world is an important factor of promoting the new just world order, as it contributes to strengthening inter-confessional and intercultural dialogue and international humanitarian interaction for the benefit of all peoples. We are deeply convinced that the partnership between Russia and the Islamic world is not an element of current political environment, but it is a historically predetermined condition of successful creative development of these countries within the context of universal civilization. This partnership echoes the Islamic appeal to cooperate for the Good and Piety but not to cooperate for the Evil and the Sin. The central reason behind this approach is that the  people were created as “peoples and tribes” so that they would know each other and not live in conflict and hostility with each other.

Islam as a universally recognized  factor of international policy and international cooperation in its spiritual and humanistic tradition has a great potential of tolerance to other faiths and respect for human life, it rejects all forms of inter-ethnic or religious confrontation and radicalism, violence and oppression.

Stressing the above mentioned principles and abiding by them, the participants of the Conference recognize the ever growing importance of the further development and strengthening of all-embracing traditional relations between Russia and the Islamic world, their omnipresent restoration in all the areas where they had been destroyed or seriously deformed in the most part of the XX-th century that has just ended. One of the main means of implementing this program is an ever more active effort to promote the original ideology of Islam, namely, the ideology of temperance (al-vassatyia), the cohorts of which  for many centuries promoted the progressive advance and the flourishing of the Islamic civilization; in modern epoch this ideology turns out to be a key issue of overcoming all forms of extremism in the Islamic world, including the religious extremism, and active participation of Muslims in the construction of the mew world order based on sincere mutual trust among the peoples and their conscious aspiration for creative cooperation with one another

The experience of the latest years has persuasively shown that without efficient effort of the OIC and a number of other respectable Muslim organizations it will be very difficult to overcome the contradictions among the Muslims that are still separating them and serve the source of serious tension and even conflicts. The North Caucasian region of Russia can serve an example of this phenomenon; without enhancing the international positive consolidation of Muslims it is going to be very difficult to overcome many current situations of conflict. The participants of the Conference are calling upon the OIC to do its utmost to resolve the existing contradictions and among the Muslims in that region.

Recognizing the historic importance of Russia’s joining the OIC the participants of the Conference mention with great satisfaction the ever growing level of both inter-state and international contacts between Russia and the with the whole of the Islamic world. In this connection  the work of such Russian and international organizations as the “Strategic Vision Group”Russia and the Islamic world” “Russian Fund for Support of the Islamic science, Culture and Education », «International Non-Government Forum "The dialogue of Civilizations "», «Russian Center for Arab and Islamic Research », «Islamic Cultural Center of Russia », that promote stronger partnership relations between Russia and the Islamic world by the implementation of their projects and programs.

The participants of the conference stress the importance of stimulating scientific contacts with academic and university research centers of the RF. These are the centers that carry out both the traditional Islamic studies and do special research that has become topical in the recent time, namely, the research in the principles of the Islamic financial system that attracts everybody’s attention and a possibility of practical use of the mechanisms of Islamic banking in Russia; an absolute must for achieving this goal is an undelayable consideration by the plenipotentiary public structures of Russia of the appropriate legislation and possible amendments to it. Islamic bank institutions also must consider the operational mechanisms bearing in mind the specifics of the Russian bank and financial legislation. Without this approach, according to the experience of the last 15 years, it is impossible to overcome the obstacles for a fully-fledged launch of Islamic financial institutions in Russia.

Supporting the external political initiatives of Russia to provide stability and security in the not-yet –smothered hotbeds of international tension, in particular, in the Middle East, the participants of the Conference pronounce themselves in favor of convening in Moscow a special International conference on the Middle East, that, according to their firm belief, could become a qualitatively new step forward towards overcoming the Arab-Israeli conflict as well creation of a viable state of Palestine.

The participants of the Conference express their deep gratitude to the Russian government for the excellent possibility to conduct in the very center of Moscow this international Russian Muslim Forum and will do their utmost to inform the world public about its results

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