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Russia Muftis Council: plans for the future Mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutin called up a meeting of co-chairmen of Russia Muftis Council in RMC residency.

The meeting devoted to the concepts of future development of Russia Muftis Council as a horizontal discussion ground for analysing issues common for all Russia's Muslims and seeking ways for their fastest solving was attended by Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Asian Russia mufti Nafigullah Ashirov, head of the Spiritual Administration of Bashkortostan Nurmuhammad hazrat Nigmatullin, head of the Spiritual Administration of Volga region mufti Muqaddas hazrat Bibarsov, head of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of North Ossetia Hadzhimurat hazrat Gatsalov and head of RMC Administration, RMC deputy chairman Rushan hazrat Abbyasov.

Participants of the meeting reviewed and discussed the articles of the concept of future development of Russia Muftis Council, an organization that has grown within two decades into a powerful centre of Muslim community.

They shared the experience of reviving spirituality in the modern conditions, setting up working relations between different regions of the Russian Federation (Russia Muftis Council unites Muslim organisations stretching from Arkhangelsk to Astrakhan and from Kaliningrad to the Far East).

All work of Russia Muftis Council is concrete and constructive; all educational projects of our organisation get public attention and promote both unity of our Ummah and the positive perception of Islam by our countrymen, Russians; they strengthen and solidify Muslim presence in state-religion relations.

Muftis reapproved their appreciation for RMC and SAM RF actions on the rapprochement with the Muslims of Crimea: it is hard to overestimate the efforts and fruitful work done in this direction last year.

They also expressed their confidence that Russia Muftis Council will continue promoting unity between Muslim communities both within Russia and in the CIS countries and maintain dialogue with the whole Muslim world.

Co-chairmen of Russia Muftis Council highly credited the performance of the organization in the years that passed since the last convention and made a number of suggestions into RMC's development strategy.

The participants also agreed to organize an event devoted to the 20th anniversary of Russia Muftis Council in September of 2016. The creation of the organisation was announced at 1996 All-Russian Islamic Conference in Saratov, and later, an organizational charter was adopted in Moscow at the conference of the heads of spiritual administrations of Russia.

The agenda also included discussion of specific issues aimed at implementing this year's plans.

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