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"In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Gracious!" بِسْمِ  اللّهِ  الرَّحْمـَنِ  الرَّحِيمِ
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To the Chairman of the Russian Muftis Council

The Chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of

European part of Russia

Mufti Sheikh Ravil Hazrat Gaynutdin

Dear Ravil hazrat!

Dear colleagues and friends!

Allow me to thank you all and express my profound gratitude and sincere appreciation for the support of our family during the most difficult moments of bitter loss of our daughter Alsou. By your words of wisdom and heartfelt compassion you have helped us to withstand this blow of fate. The team of the Russian Muftis Council, the Religious Board of Muslims of European part of Russia, the Foundation for the revival of ritual traditions under the DUMER totally helped with funeral arrangements.

For your good deeds I pray Allah to repay you gthe ood in this life and the Hereafter. I stretch out my hands in prayer to the Wise Creator to protect you and your loved ones from harm, illness, loss of loved ones, especially children.

Peace to you and all your loved ones!

Imam of the Muslim community in Finland

Ramil Hazrat Belyaev and his wife Gulfiya Khanum.

04.09.2012 Helsinki

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