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Representatives of the project of a global international social network Salam World (SW), which is expected to start next spring, are in a tour around Islamic countries, among which are already Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Vice-President of the Salam World Ahmed Azimov said that the project received strong support from officials, government officials and the Dawa of the Islamic world. "They want us to run our project as soon as possible. Ministers of Education in many countries encourage young students to use this social network."

SW project was presented in one section of the UN Alliance of Civilizations Forum, the press service of the project said.

According to Ahmed Asimov, one of the most important components of the Salam World Muslim will form journalists and intellectuals. The creators of the project receive valuable advice from eminent authors.

During the visit to Tunisia, members of the Board of Directors of Salam World, welcomed the Prime Minister Hammadi Jibalis, who stated that he supports any effort to enrich the knowledge of young Muslims. Jibalis said: "God created humankind in tribes and nations so that they know each other. However, in this century, Muslims lack of pieces of 'Li tearefu', that is written in the 13 ayat of Chapter Hadzhurat. I believe that the Muslim youth will be in contact through SalamWorld».

In turn, the leader of Tunisian party (En Nahda), a famous philosopher Rachid Gannuchi noted that the Tunisian population is 10 million and two of them use the Internet: "Muslims need to show that they can lead the modern life with the world using media and social networks."

December 16, 2011 in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur coordinator of Salam World in Malaysia Salam Suleymanov and Special Representative of the network Turan Kishlakchi met with the former Malaysian Prime Minister Mohamad Mahathir. During the meeting, a Memorandum of mutual understanding was signed.

The prominent political leader of the Islamic world emphasized the need of such a Mudlim project and said that he as a member of the Board was ready to render any assistance. He also stressed that the best indicator of the usefulness of the project Salam World and its advantage is that it provides a safe and free atmosphere in the Internet, based on ethical and civil values ??of the Muslims: "Creating an effective and safe social and communicative platform today is sorely needed, and We hope that Salam World will meet these requirements."

The Memorandums of Understanding were signed during the visit to Indonesia. The Coordinator of Executive Board of SW Nedim Kaya said that these memorandums were signed between the SW, Muhammadiya - the Association of Indonesian scientists (Majelis Ulama Indonesia), International State Islamic University of Jakarta and one of the most popular singers - Ahmad Dani.In this connection, the representative of the Association of Scientists in Indonesia, the head of the Department of Foreign Affairs Dzhunaedi noted that the emergence of such a resource it is extremely important because it will meet the needs of Muslims around the world, including Indonesia. He said that before signing the MOU, the text was reconciled with the opinions of highest scholars of the organization, and was accepted without any doubt.

In turn, the Chairman of Muhammadiya, Professor Dean Suamsuddin noted, that being a modern Islamic organization Salam World can work jointly with the Muhammadiya in many spheres of activities.

The Rector of the International State Islamic University of Jakarta, Professor Hamaruddin Hidaya said: «Salam World-is a brilliant and brave idea. This network will be helpful to Muslim students and may be a sensible alternative to the virtual world, which dominates in the western area."

Abdul-Wahed Niyazov, the President of the Board of Directors of Salam World is glad to the progress of relations between organizations. Now, he's even more convinced that Salam World will be able to compete with existing social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. "If Indonesia - the cradle of the Muslims will be able to support us, it means that in the future, our path will be easier. Insha'Allah, "- Niyazov said.

Two memorandums were signed in Indonesia - between SW and the rector of one of the largest Islamic universities in Eastern part of Java - Maulana Malik Ibrahim, and with the Ancient State Islamic University in Jakarta. Both the Universities believe that Salam Word is a global phenomenon which Muslim society requires.

Recently, Vice President of the SW Ahmed Azimov met with the Chairman of the International Alliance of Muslim Scholars, an ideologist of the moderate Islam, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Acquainting with features, goals and main services of the SW, Sheikh Qaradawi made a prayer (dua) for the success of the project, asking the Almighty for bringing the benefit to the global Islamic Ummah via Salam World.

SalamWorld - an international project, initiated by a group of Muslims from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Germany, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia and other countries.

The creation of the project  was supported by Prime Minister of Tunisia Jibalis Hammadi, the leader of Tunisia (En Nahda), a famous philosopher Rashid Gannuchi, a prominent political leader of the Islamic world, the former Malaysian Prime Minister Mohamad Mahathir, the chairman of the International Alliance of Muslim Scholars, the ideologue of the moderate Islam Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Rector of the International State Islamic University of Jakarta, Professor Hamaruddin Hidaya, the rector of one of the largest Islamic universities in the eastern part of Java,  Maulana Malik Ibrahim, President of the Islamic State University of Sunan Kalijaga, Professor Musa Asirie, popular singer Ahmad Dani and many others.

December 19, 2011.

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