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Muslims in Germany supported the creation of Islamic social network

More than 80 representatives of Muslim communities in Europe, as well as information technology experts gathered in Cologne to attend the presentation of the project of social network Salam World. The event was opened by President of the European Muslim Union, a member of the executive committee Salam World Abu Bakr Rieger, who spoke about the main properties of this project. He stressed the importance of solidarity of Muslims around the world and stressed the role of European Muslims in the project.

"It is very important that Muslim communities in Europe have supported this project and become part of it" - Rieger summed up. Having flown in from Istanbul Board Chairman Salam World Abdul-Wahed Niyazov presented a strategy of the project. Particular attention was drawn to the SW openness to new ideas.

"We are open for discussion and continue to involve professionals from different Muslim countries," – Niyazov stressed. The readiness of Salam World leadership to cooperate is shown through their numerous trips to Europe, Southeast Asia and North Africa where they have conducted seminars and workshops with professionals in the information technology field, as well as talked with the political, spiritual and business elites of these countries.After the presentation in Germany, the leadership of SW headed for SW Netherlands. There, the Chairman of the SW Board Abdul-Wahed Niyazov and vice-president of SW met with the famous scientist, rector of the Islamic University of Rotterdam, a professor, Ahmad Akkuduz.

 During the meeting, Abdul-Wahed Niyazov spoke in detail about the project and proposed ways of cooperation between the organizations. In turn, Ahmad Akkyunduz said: "Today, social networking is extremely important for the younger generation and their families. I appreciate in what SalamWorld is engaged and willing to sign a Memorandum of Understanding."

 Reference: SalamWorld - an international project initiated by a group of Muslims from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Germany, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia and other countries.

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