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Salamworld delegation headed by Chairman of SW Abdul-Wahed Niyazov participated actively in the V Astana Economic Forum, taking place 22-24 May in the capital of Kazakhstan.

According to the statement made by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, it is assumed that V Astana forum "would open a new chapter in the understanding of the economic transformation of the world." The highest level forum brought together 12 Nobel Prize winners, as well as several current and former heads of state and government, world politics and social famous leaders. It is especially worth noting the Prime Minister of Turkey Erdogan, the official visit of whom which was specifically timed to coincide with the opening of the forum in Astana.

For the partner of the Astana Forum, a global social platform Salamworld, this forum is primarily a platform to discuss the future of information and communication technologies, as reports. It is important to say that the starting point for Salamworld, which headquartered in Istanbul, was Astana.

The Statement of Nazarbayev on 38 session of the OIC in June last year, the need to create an Internet resource that would "stimulate young people's interest in religion and culture of Islam and spread the Muslim spiritual values," served as the impetus for further development of Salamworld.

Salamworld - is an innovative global social platform built on the principles of Islam. Salamworld - this is a unique communication system with the complex of advanced and convenient services demanded by the current generation, which allows to exchange information, skills, and develop business opportunities and implement projects.

The start of the social platform is scheduled for July and August of this year, during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

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