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Russian designers have completed work on sketches of school uniform for Muslim schoolgirls. All of them will be sent to the Ministry of Education of the Stavropol Territory and to the reception of Russian President. Portal readers will select the best, in their view, model.

In a week more than 10 Russian designers of Muslim clothes have responded on invitation of project . Designers were from different regions of Russia - Tatarstan, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, North Coucasus. They all offered their vision of school uniforms for students who don't want to be the object of public debate and girls who wish to respect the rules of religion. Designers have taken into account all state standards in force in the Russian Federation, and made sure to uniform for Muslim schoolgirls conforms to the norms of Sharia.

"I wish our girls will be allowed to wear in accordance with Islam, but at the same time charter school shouldn't be violated." - designer from Moscow, Rezeda Suleyman, said to

For Muslim girl it is very important to remember she is responsible for her appearance, because she is the face of her family and society she lives in as well - designer Nazhiya Galimova says.

"Clothes for a student must meet age features, activities, weather conditions. It should discipline and raise the aesthetic tastes of the child" - designer Lola Zhalova says.

"I do not like school uniforms, because often one specific image does not look good at the different shapes. I want to offer variation of "school dress code," - St. Petersburg designer Patima Labazanova said. - In the lower and middle classes, the children are very mobile and restless. Convenience and comfort are especially important for them. Pants and a long sarafan with pockets - the best option for girls 11-12 years old.

Recall that in the opinion of the Russia Moftis Council there are a lot of problems related to Russian schools and teenageres. These issues require attention of the public and operational solutions, among them - drinking, smoking, promiscuity and immorality, lack of interest in life and self-development.

Question of wearing a headdress by pupils - Muslims, like other believers among schoolgirls should not be a cause of conflict in our society.

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