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In Barviha on July21st 2009 a meeting of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev with the heads of of Russian religious traditions took place.

The topic of the meeting was the teaching religious aspect, culture, morals and values in the military institution so as in the schools.

The chairman of Russia mufties  council Mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin expressed support the actions of the state to strengthen the national army and the efforts to raise spiritual moral upbringing of the  army and young generation.

In his speech Ravil Gaynutdin said:

The messenger of Allah “peace be upon him and His mercy” said: “The Love for motherland is a principle  of faith”. The teachings of Islam itself inspires a Muslim to be a defender of his motherland.

Muslim religious organizations and all our Muslims stand for integrality and unanimity of our state and support the efforts of the state aimed at strengthening of defense capability of the army, and strengthening of spiritual character of the military men. we are sure that in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, we will be able to create the model of the institution of the military clerks, that will go along with the interests of the state and society. We hope that in case of the introduction of the institution of military clerks in the Russian Army the rights for freedom of religion will be preserved and religious feelings will not be forgotten as in the army the soldiers of different nationalities and religious are serving, - mufti stressed.

It is important to mention that the issues of spiritual and moral upbringing at school are among those at which the religious leaders of Russia pay great attention. And  these question had been numerously discussed within the framework of Interreligious Council of Russia.  

The chairman of Russia Mufties Council Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin expressed support of the position of the President of Russia about the importance of preserving the basic constitutional conditions, saying that religious organizations are separated from the state and are equal in face of the law and that the freedom of conscience is guaranteed to everyone.

It is important to notice that the course of religious education at school as initial step presented as a testing the basic of religions and culture and the bases of ethics. Moreover the parents can choose the subject that will be visited by their children themselves. For those who desire to study the teachings of all the traditional religions of Russia a general course on the history of the largest traditional confessions of our country should be presented.

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