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Islamic books returned to Muslims A document was put into our disposal, the resolution part of the appellate ruling on case number 33-12015, the case of the cancellation of the ban of Islamic literature.

The issue of unlawful bans of Islamic literature was raised by RMC head mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin as early as 2012. Almost three years ago, he initiated an appeal against the ruling of Leninsky district court of Orenburg. He also presented the situation to the President of Russia on the session of the State Council of Russia. The problem of unlawful bans of Islamic literature, including classical works of medieval Muslim theologians and even one translation of the Holy Qur'an was named by mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin as one of key legal problems of Russia's Muslims at SAM RF session on September 21, 2014. Prior to that, in October 2013, on his meeting with Russia's top muftis, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin called the practice of banning religious literature ineffective and advocated for providing Russian believers with modern competent translations of the key texts of Muslim faith.

The judicial board for civil cases of the Orenburg regional court held an open case hearing on the appeal of Shamil Alyautdinov and publishing houses "Novy Svet" and "Dilya" and ruled that 50 of the 68 previously banned books be exempted from the list.

A great and meticulous work was done by a group of lawyers and attorneys, members of the RMC expert council.

In addition to exempting the majority of the books from the banned list, the new ruling of the court also passed a rider to judge Nuzhdin who passed the original ruling, for serious violation of the common law practice.

This result gives Muslims confidence that their efforts of forming correct and unbiased image of Islam in the public eye may bear fruit.

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