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According to the website "Muslims of Russia", a famous translator of the meanings of Qur'an into Russian Iman Valeria Porokhova walked out of the session of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation devoted to the issue of girls' headwear in schools and other educational establishments.

She explained her leaving with the bad organization of hearings by member of the Public Chamber Albir Krganov. According to the Qur'anic expert, the presidium of the session did not include any experts supporting Muslim position. She was especially troubled by the presence of Roman Silantyev—"a foe of Muslims, with an ever-aggressive attitude towards Islam."

Iman Valeria Porokhova also expressed her disagreement with a number of speakers, including the organizer Albir Krganov who referred to the experience of Western countries. "Russia is not West," said Mrs Porokhova. "Muslims in the West might be newcomers but Russian followers of Islam are locals. They own the country's treasures, its land, and have the same rights as everyone."

It is worth mentioning that Iman Valeria Porokhova was not the only person who left this session of the Public Chamber: SAM RF deputy chairman Damir Muhetdinov who arrived there to convey the position of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation and Russia Muftis Council, left the session ahead of schedule to protest against the bad organization of public hearings as well.

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