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Dr Ali Erbaş : "Our relationships with the RBMRF will continue" Chairman of the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkiye Dr Ali Erbaş expressed his intention to enhance cooperation with the Religious Boards of Muslims in Russia.

"We have close relations with Russian fellow believers, including the muftis of Religious Boards Muslims of the Russian Federation. We are implementing a number of joint projects. This cooperation is facilitated by the previously signed Memorandum of Cooperation between the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkiye and the Religioius Board of Muslims of the Russian Federationheaded by Mufti Ravil Gainutdin in the field of theological and legal opinions (fatwas). I am confident that our projects, including those related to charity, will be continued," said Dr. Erbaş.

Dr. Erbaş also mentioned the active work of Russia's religious centres.

"During a visit to Moscow's Cathedral Mosque I received a suggestion to offer the Friday khutbah. I don't receive such suggestions in every country. And last year Mufti Ravil Gainutdin granted me the Order of Honour of the Muslims of Russia "Al-Fahr" "For adhering to the humanistic values of Islam and strengthening of Muslim brotherhood." This is a recognition of my activity through the eyes of my fellow believers, and it can be considered an honour not only for me personally, but also for the whole of Turkiye," he added.

The chairman of the Directorate of Religious Affairs also said that Russian Muslims treat representatives of other faiths with great respect.

"Russians — and by this I mean not only my feelow believers, but the country's citizens in general — are very open and friendly. I have seen thisduring my visits to Russia," Erbaş concluded.

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