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Imams from Russian regions take training courses in Turkey Imams from five regions of Russia (the regions of Saratov, Ulyanovsk, Moscow, Perm, Bashkortostan) are taking advanced training courses in Bursa, Turkey.

The courses are organized annually by the Directorate of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Turkey according to the memorandum of cooperation with the Russian Muftis Council.

Before the courses started, an exam had been conducted to determine the participants' knowledge level. Based on the results, two groups (for beginners and non-beginners) were formed. In both groups, the students are taught such disciplines as the basics of Islamic knowledge, the Arabic language, tajweed. There is also a separate subject where the students learn about the duties of an imam and a muazzin, as well as their responsibility with regard to believers. In the advanced students' group the imams also sight-read the Qur'an and learn the techniques of the Qur'an memorization. In addition, the educational process includes lessons in phonetics and voice training for muazzins.

All teachers are graduates of theological institutions and have mastered all 10 types of the Qur'an recitation.

Joint educational programs with the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey are held annually. Apart from training courses for imams, they include scholarships for studying in Turkey and advanced training courses for graduates of theological institutions.

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