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Russian team takes part in Arabic Debating Championship The team of Russian students of the Institute of Asian and African Countries of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, accompanied by the coach of the expert team of the International Department of Russia Muftis Council, Ismail Gindullin, arrived in Qatar, to participate in the V International Arabic Debating Championship organized by the Qatar Foundation for the Development of Science, Culture and Education. The event takes place from 14 to 21 March.

110 teams from 56 countries are participating in the event. The championship, where the teams have to demonstrate not only their excellent Arabic skills, but also the ability to communicate and to defend their opinion on various social, economic and cultural issues, will last for one week.

The championship includes qualifying, quarter-final, semi-final and final rounds of debates, each team having to go through 6 to 10 rounds to reach the final round. .

"Due to the increasing importance of our country for the most complicated processes taking place in the Middle East, we should pay utmost attention to training experts in the Arabic language, so that they have sufficient competence to conduct diplomatic negotiations in Arabic, and to defend Russia's position at the highest level. Such events contribute to the development of potential representatives of our country’ s interests in the international community, including the countries of the Arab Muslim world ", - said Ismail Gindullin.

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