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European Muslim Forum holds foundation meeting in Barcelona Today the first deputy chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation, executive secretary of the International Muslim Forum Damir Mukhetdinov participated in the foundation meeting of the European Muslim Forum.

The event moderated by the President of the Islamic Community of Spain Malik Ruiz, an Islamic leader of Russia Abdul-Vahed Niyazov, a member of the RAS Institute of Oriental Studies and political analyst Ruslan Kurbanov, was held in Barcelona (Spain).

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Muslim communities of Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Serbia, Poland and Lithuania.

According to Abdul-Vahed Niyazov, this project will become a platform for European Muslims; the European Muslim Forum will keep track of the most common problems and their solutions in Europe; it will also pay attention to the construction of mosques and Islamic religious and cultural centres in Europe.

“When Muslims form their agenda themselves, they get appropriate results. Against this background, any manifestation of Islamophobia in Europe will become marginal, ”he said.

He noted that the European Muslim Forum was not a religious association. It would include personalities with opportunities and influence in Europe. “They can be representatives of clergy, public figures, businessmen, journalists,” he added.

Abdul-Vahed Niyazov also noted that this new organization might also cooperate with the government and official organizations and business communities in the European countries.

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