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Photo exhibition about Islamic traditions in Russia opened in Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei, hosted the opening ceremony of the international exhibition "Islamic traditions in Russia", a project organized by the Russian Muftis Council. Rushan Abbyasov took part in the opening of the exhibition as a RMC representative.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister for Religious Affairs of Brunei Badaruddin Othman, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Aminuddin Abidin, as well as the Russian Ambassador to Brunei Vladlen Semivolos.

«It is the first time that the RMC presents such a large-scale project abroad. The visitors will be able to see more than 150 exclusive photos made by Ildar Yambikov picturing the life of Muslims in Russia. This exhibition will be mobile; it will also be showcased in other countries, mainly in Arab Muslim ones», - said Abbyasov.

The RMC representative said it was extremely important to use this opportunity to reach out to a larger audience, taking into account the fact that that the Russian history of Russian was not well known abroad.

Abbyasov also noted the exhibition presented not only the history of Derbent, the Volga Bulgaria, the Golden Horde and the post-Horde khanates, but also the recently opened Bolgar Islamic Academy.

«Russian Muslims have a rich culture, history and traditions. There are about 25 million Muslims in our country today and they represent different nationalities. All Muslims in our country live in peace and harmony with the Orthodox and Jews; this fact was emphasized at the opening ceremony of the exhibition», - noted  Abbyasov.

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