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Lebanese prime minister: Cooperation of Russian and Lebanese Muslims benefits both countries The “School for children — future for the country” campaign is underway in Russia. It was launched by the “Zakat” Fund in order to raise money for further construction and equipment of a school for children from the camps for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
This campaign was started after the success of the previous one, when humanitarian supplies were collected and delivered to refugee camps on the Syrian-Lebanese border on the territory of Lebanon. The supreme mufti of Lebanon, Abdulatyf al-Darian, had earlier addressed the religious leader of Russian Muslims, mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin, with a request to help the fellow believers.

In this context we should mention the message of the Lebanese prime minister, Saad Rafik al-Hariri, addressed to the mufti Gaynutdin right after his appointment as the chairman of the Council of ministers. It says: “Accept my sincere gratitude for congratulations on the honour of forming a new government of Lebanon granted to me. I highly appreciate your kind wishes and pray to God that our friendly countries are granted prosperity. I am sure that cooperation between our countries for the benefit of Russian and Lebanese people will continue”.

It should be reminded that there are relationships of long standing between the mufti Gaynutdin and the Hariri dynasty. Even the late prime-minister Rafik al-Hariri visited the Moscow Cathedral Mosque as an honoured guest and performed there a prayer.

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