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Dmitry Medvedev Congratulated Russian Muslims with Eid al-Adha Dear Mufti,

From the bottom of my heart, let me congratulate you with one of the most important holidays of Islam — Kurban Bayram!

Russian Muslims are celebrating it both in our country and in the holy places of Saudi Arabia, performing their hajj. Celebration of Kurban Bayram is aimed at strengthening the traditions of Muslim peoples, maintaining interfaith and interethnic harmony. Let me thank you for your efforts in strengthening the institution of family, education of youth, promoting the ideals of mutual respect and tolerance.

I would also like to note your active and consistent position on opposing the attempts of spreading radical and extremist ideas.

Our country will continue helping Muslim communities in perfecting their system of spiritual education, organizing hajj and preserving cultural values. I wish you and all Russian Muslims peace, well-being and good health! May every house be filled with guests and warmth in these days.

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