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On Thursday, June 5, sessions of the 5th Moscow International Halal Congress took place within the framework of Moscow Halal Expo.

Speakers of the congress included leading experts on halal industry and Islamic finance from all around the world, among them sheikh Tafir Najaar of the Islamic Council of South Africa (ICSA), Dr Winai Dahlan of the Halal Science Center of Thailand, Murat Sayın of the Association for the Inspection and Certification of Food and Supplies (GİMDES, Turkey), Alexander Chesnokov, CEO of GoodsMatrix LLC, provost of Kazan Institute of Finance, Economy and Information Sciences Arslan Sadriev and others.

Sessions of the first day of the business forum were devoted to the influence of halal on Muslim Ummah and innovations in halal sphere.

Among other questions touched were halal products certification and the importance of halal in the life of Muslims; importance of understanding and abiding by Islamic ethics in halal industry, innovations in the packaging of halal products, modern technologies of halal verification.

Participants and speakers of the sessions especially stressed the fact that the halal market is not limited only to food products but also includes pharmacology and cosmetics industry, tourism, logistics and information technologies that have a great growth potential in many countries around the world.

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