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Russian halal meat producers may receive export licenses for Iran Bryansk Broiler and Bryansk Meat Company, the two Russian halal meat producers belonging to agroindustrial group Miratorg that passed halal certification in RMC International Centre of Standardization and Certification "Halal" in 2015 will receive the right to export their beef, poultry and byproducts to the Iranian market, according to Rosselkhoznadzor (Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance).

Thuswise, the inspectors from the Iranian Veterinary Organization will start the final stage of evaluation of the verification system for the said produce used in the Russian Federation on January 18. After that, the experts will present their report to Rosselkhoznadzor.

The Iranian party has also confirmed that Russian livestock products may be transited through Iran to third countries provided they possess veterinary certificates issued by Rosselkhoznadzor. The transit would be sanctioned by the Iranian Veterinary Organization at the request of cargo owner.

Source: ICSC "Halal"

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