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A meeting between Russian Muslim and other public figures and the general secretary of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) sheikh Ali Karadagi took place in Istanbul within the framework of the 4th session of the general assembly of the organization.

According to the news portal IslamNews, the agenda included the establishment of a fiqh academy in Russian Federation. This initiative has been worked over for several years, since the international conference in Moscow which resulted in a religious declaration on Shari'a law, issues of jihad, caliphate and takfir aimed at overcoming extremism. Similar events had subsequently taken place in Chechnya, Dagestan and other regions of Russia.

Ali al-Karadagi explained how the Academy of Fiqh is functioning. According to him, fatwas are issued locally, in accordance with day-to-day realities of the corresponding regions. After that, the religious decrees are reviewed by IUMS, thus becoming not private judgements but a collective decree of IUMS member scholars. As the general secretary noted, IUMS currently unites 95 thousand Muslim scholars from all around the world who specialize in all areas of Islamic law.

The initiative was supported by all members of the Russian delegation.

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