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Within the international activities of the Russian Mufties Council delegation of leaders and representatives of Islamic institutions of Russia, members of the Council on Islamic Education, visited Indonesia, the largest state on the amount of Muslims.

This is the first official visit of the Russian delegation to this country, which impress not only representatives of Russian Muslim institutions but Indonesians as well.

The delegation included the rector of Russian Islamic University Rafiq Hazrat Mukhametshin, rector of the Institute of theology and international relations of the North Caucasus University Maksud Sadikov, Vice Rector of the Moscow Islamic University Alsou Sitdikova, Head of International Department RIU Rustam Nurgaleev and Head of the Department of Foreign Education of International Department RMC Indira Hayretdinova.

One of the important stages of the development of the bilateral relations between Russian and Indonesia was the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Islamic universities in both countries. In particular agreements were signed with the State Islamic University of Jakarta, Muhammadiyah University, the State Islamic University of Yogyakarta city, as well as the State Islamic University of Malanga.

These universities are the largest higher Islamic educational institutions in Indonesia.

Among the main areas of cooperation are joint educational programs, such as the exchange of faculty and students, the possibility to defend dissertations and to get masters degree and PhD, internship courses, science and research publications and joint research.

Within the visit the delegation visited three cities, where they talked with the rectors of universities, visited the academic buildings, libraries and students hostels.

The rectors of RIU and ITMO delivered lectures about the History of Islam in Russia, the current level of education system, problems and perspectives of Russian Islamic society.

These lectures caused the interest among the rectors, students and journalists, as the most Indonesians dont know much about Russian Muslims and history of Islam in our country and this visit contribute in their greater understanding of Russia and Russian Muslims.

The Rector of ITMO Maksud Sadikov said during his lecture: Despite the different continents and vast distances we are similar in the multi-ethnicity of our countries.

The Rector RIU Rafiq Hazrat Mukhametshin said Today it is very important for us to work out the correct model of developing Islam in multinational country, as Russia is a multinational country. To develop Islam the work of major scholars is not enough we need the relevant air. We think that we have finally found it. Indonesia is one of the such optimal model of developing Islam in non Arabic country. The system of education drew our attention as well as the high level of morality of your students. I hope that this cooperation wont be unilateral, we would like you to know Russia better for this we will arrange jont conference, and hope that among the masters there will be those who would like to write about the history of Islam in Russia.

Thus the fruitful trip of the delegation of the Russian Mufties Council in Indonesia is a new page of cooperation between Russia and Indonesia.

December 5 the delegation will return to Russia.

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