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The head of the International Department of the RMC Rushan Abbyasov told about the benefits the participants and visitors of the Moscow International Halal Exhibition - Mocow Halal Expo 2010 which took place June 7-9 at the Crocus Expo  got from the Exhibiton.
- Rushan hazard, this week the International Exhibition Moscow Halal Expo 2010 was successfully held and now its results are summoned up. What was the audience of the Exhibition?
- Prior to the start of the Exhibition we did not how many people would attend and what contingent they would be. As you can understand this is the first exhibition of its kind, and we started to prepare for it actively February 2010 and the information about it was spread among many publications. Therefore, in our expectations we tried to proceed from modest ratings. On advertising the event we didn't affect only one target audience of any one small group of individuals, on the contrary, our audience was very broad and includes businessmen and expert community as well as ordinary consumers. And it happened that way. i think we were able to satisfy interests of all visitor. We tried to combine useful business meetings with leisure for our visitors and thanks God we did that. Since the first day of the Exhibition Moscow Halal Expo 2010 we have been receiving positive feedback from various people - both from the foreigners and russian producers as well as the guests of the Exhibition. We are pleased that many regional manufacturers was able to find business partners and agree to supply their products to Moscow market. At the same time foreign participants also were pleased with the results of the business meetings. Particularly we are pleased despite many difficulties manufacturers from Palestine and Indonesia still managed to find partners for their business in Russia. Among the visitors were food producers, representatives of the meat processing scope, cometic and trade, individual entrepreneurs-Muslims. A considerable proportion of visitors was investors and representatives of investment companies. For ourselves it was useful to establish new contacts in order to help to develop business and inform about new projects in which they could participate. Among the represented industries were tourism, medicine, information technology, catering, construction, finance, insurance. We also pleased that the exhibition drew the deserved attention of the representatives of the official authorities primarily of the ares of agriculture, consumer market and regional development. Many visitors came to the Exhibition repeatedly taking families.
- What exponents - goods, services - could be called as a discovery of the Exhibition?
- Such discoveries were a lot. For example, we as organizers did not know that it was possible to buy products of the German Meat processing plant "Egetyurk" that produced sausage Halal products in Moscow and also many discovered products of the Troitsk cannery plant. The area of spices and seasonings was also very interesting, it was represented by Indonesia and "MATR" company. Undoubtedly, the important discovery in the field of finance were project of two companies - the Group of Companies "Safinat" and OSC "Islamic Finance House'. There were a very popular stand of GUP "Agidel", which represented Bashkir folk crafts. Many visitors showed interest in this products. It also should be mentioned that at the Exhibition the products of the world leading manufacturers OnePure Halal Beauty were represented. We believe that their products will develop in Russian market.
- What he results of the Exhibition for the participants in addition to claiming about themselves, representing their products and services to the general population? Have the contracts been signed, new markets been found and etc.?
- Now we can only give a preliminary assessment on the many positive reviews that continues to come to us. I think that the real result will be obvious after some time when the oral agreements will transform into signed contracts and we will see their realization.
- What are strategic ways of the development of Halal industry in Russia that have been identified at the Halal industry Forum?
 - The main result reached during the preparation and holding the Exhibition was that we managed to reach the mutual understanding with the key ministries and agencies that regulate the issues related to the fields of Halal production, import, export, trade and realization of Halal products. The further steps are partners cooperation with them for the benefit of solveing identified problems.
- What were the conclusions of the experts participated in the Conference "Islamic finance: the development in Russia"?
The main conclusions of the discussions during the Conference are contained in the Resolution adopted by the participants. Since the subjects of the discussion were quite divisive and include questions of investment raising, banking, so the conclusions are sufficiently numerous. The most important of them are the necessity of forming and developing business-community, that in business led by ethical principles that in Islam and also inclusion of the Islamic economics and finance in the courses of Universities.
Also I can say that one of the most important event of the final shows of the Exhibition and a certain outcome of the work was a award of "The golden palm" for the achievement in the field of the business accordion to the norms of Islam. The participating companies were evaluated on the basis of the contribution they made to the development of Industry, the social component of business and the views of visitors. This award was established by the Russian Mufties Council and OSC "Islamic Financial House" and we hope that this initiative will be a good tradition and will serve as the spread of ethical business for the benefit of the economy of our country. The first three prizes were awarded to companies "Sharm el-Sheikh' (3d place), "Najm-Tour" (2 place) and "Ecole" (1 place).

Thank you for the conversation.
The expert comments:
Zhafar Azizbaev the Director of the Centre for Standardization and certification Halal of the Russian Mufties Council.
I consider that the major success of the Exhibition was that it got interest not only from the consumers but also from the expert community, leaders of the regional Muslim communities, representatives of major trade networks - "Ashan", Azbuka vkusa". The Exhibition showed that Halal sphere is not something handicrafts, that produced in small poorly equipped workshops but high-tech industry. Large retailers who already work with the well-known manufacturers, such as "Safa", "Ecole" or "Halal Ash", saw that there are other players in the market, whose products are of excellent quality as well. The animation around each of the stands impressed many.


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