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People of Yemen need peace and dialogue! We are addressing all people of Yemen who were dragged into fratricidal conflict, to all governments of the Arab states that began "Operation Decisive Storm", calling them to immediately cease armed hostilities and get back to negotiations and dialogue as has been the custom of many generations of Muslims adhering to their Holy Book! "And do not kill yourselves (nor kill one another)" (Qur'an, 4:29). Protect the honour and dignity of the traditions of Islam, religion that always sought to resolve most difficult problems through peaceful means and kind approach! All the more so because the land of Yemen is special for us. It was home to the first companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) whom Allah sent to humanity "as a Mercy for the worlds".

We cannot keep silent when our sacred things are targeted by Islamophobes and pseudo-caricaturists. We cannot stay silent when countries of peaceful, law-abiding Muslims are attacked by faraway states who seek to protect their own interests rather than help local civilians, as we have seen in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. We are deeply troubled by conflict that spit Syrian nation. Right before our eyes, we witness Yemen turning into a map point where both peaceful social traditions of Islam and rules of international law are violated on a wide scale.

We are sure that Yemeni conflict may be mediated only by internal forces, without foreign interventions and emphasizing factions' alignment towards Sunnism or Shi'ism rather than certain politicians and military figures. Despite Islam having developed a viable system of solving even most serious political problems, this civilian conflict is purposely portrayed by anti-Islamic media as a Sunni-Shi'a confrontation. What is more, anti-Islamic forces are striving to bring more Arab Muslim states into the conflict and even put them at odds with their Iranian Muslim brothers. Both of these are serious challenges for us and our religion.

It is our common Muslim political solidarity that will help us to protect peace and overcome this conflict. We must as well use all available international legal instruments that we have within our international councils and organizations, such as Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the United Nations. We also call up to the members of the Arab League to decisively state their peaceful intentions, promote constructive dialogue between the responsible parties of the Yemeni conflict.

We are sure that the political and practical experience of the Russian Federation in asserting the priority of international law in resolution of conflicts endangering the lives and safety of many people as well as unanimous support of peace efforts by all adherents of Islam will let our Yemeni brothers and sisters overcome their temporary differences and misunderstandings.

On behalf of the Secretariat of the International Muslim Forum, we urge all involved nations to stop bombing Yemen, put an end to the "Operation Decisive Storm" that threatens to escalate into a catastrophe for the peaceful people of Yemen and its neighbours. We will, for our part, pray to Almighty God, asking Him to bring back peace and concord to the blessed land of Yemen. We are ready to make every reasonable effort to return peace to the land of Yemen and its neighbours under the guidance of Allah! Amen.

Damir Muhetdinov, secretary of the International Muslim Forum
March 29, 2015

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