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Articles > RMC > International > Mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin had a number of important meetings during his visit to Turkey

During his visit to Turkey, mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin held a number of meetings, including the one with the minister of foreign affairs of the Turkish Republic Mr Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, where he discussed the issues of strengthening and widening relations between our countries.

Considerable talks also took place in Konya, where Russian Muslim leader met with mufti of Konya Ali Akpınar and the administration of the city muftiate where he got acquainted with the activities and programs carried out by the muftiate of Konya. Russian and Turkish parties also exchanged gifts.

All the meetings were carried out in a constructive and friendly manner and were finalized by the expressions of mutual readiness to continue and further cooperation.

The delegation returned to Ankara to take part in talks with architects, designers and well-known calligraphers for consultations regarding the inner decoration of Moscow Jum'ah Mosque.

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