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RMC’s Position Co-Chairmen of Russia Muftis Council signed a document stating RMC’s position on the events in Penza.

On June 25, 2013, early in the morning, the house of Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Penza Oblast, member of Russia Muftis Council Islam Dashkin became subject to a domiciliary visit by the police. During the search of personal belongings, they confiscated mufti's personal camera and tablet PC.

Mufti Islam Dashkin was not given a copy of a search warrant.

Russia Muftis Council is concerned about these groundless actions, and expresses its confidence that they will not continue.

Co-Chairmen of Russia Muftis Council:

Mufti Nafigullah Ashirov

Mufti Nurmuhammad Nigmatullin

Mufti Hajimurad Gatsalov

Mufti Muqaddas Bibarsov

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