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Mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin, Chairman of Russia mufties Council, Chairman of Religious Board of Muslims of European part of Russia

Ravil Gaynutdin, born on August 25, 1959 in Tatarstan.

Studied in Shali rural Tatar school, received his secondary education in secondary school in Kazan .

1979 – entered worldly famous Islamic madrasa “Mir Arab” in Bukhara . In 4 years passed 7 year course with honours and was appointed as the first imam-khatyb of Kazan Cathedral Mosque “Nur-Islam”.

In 1985 – appointed major secretary of Religious board of Muslims of European part of USSR and Siberia in Ufa city.

In 1987  appointed imam-khatyb of Moscow Cathedral Mosque and already in 1988 becomes senior imam-khatyb – superior of Moscow Cathedral Mosque.

In 1991 chosen President of Islamic Culture Centre of Moscow and Moscow region.

In 1994 on the Constitutional Majlis of Muslim religious unities and communities of European part of Russia sheikh Ravil was elected as Mufti and as well – Chairman of Religious board of Muslims of Central – European part of Russia, later in 1998 transformed to Religious board of Muslims of European part of Russia.

In 1996 on the 1st Majlis of the head of Religious boards of Muslims of Russia Mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin was elected as chairman of Russia muftis Council.

Mufti Ravil Gaynutdin took part in many International forums and conferences, represented Muslims of the Russian Federation in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Italy, USA etc. As a member of official government delegations of the Russia Federation took part in interstate negotiations and personal meetings with top executives of Iran, Pakistan, Siria, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Azerbaijan.

Mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin is a doctor of PhD, author of many scientific works on Muslim theology, Muslim dogmatic and law. He is professor of Moscow higher spiritual Islamic college, academician of International Academy of science of Eurasia, International Slavic Academy of science, education, culture and religion, International Academy of informatization.

Mufti Ravil Gaynutdin is the member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation .

Mufti Ravil Gaynutdin is a member of the Executive Council for cooperation with religious associations. In his speeches and everyday religious activities Mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynitdin gradually maintains the ideas of civilizational dialogue of confessions and brotherly cooperation among all the nations.

He is a party of the Agreement “Of social consent”, offered by the President of the Russian Federation.

In 1997 under the patronage of Mayor of Moscow Y.M. Luzhkov and mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin the building of Moscow Memorial Mosque “Shuhada” on Poklonnaya gora in honour of the soldiers fallen in action during the Great Patriotic War was finished .

In 2006 for the strengthening and promotion of the interconfessional peace and consent was awarded honorary sign “Social consent”

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