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Last Sunday, on June 30, a sports competition was held in Children’s Holiday Camp “Muslim”, organized under the auspices of Russia Muftis Council in Saratov Oblast.

A total of eight teams took part in “Merry Starts”. All the children showed great prowess, wit and teamwork, but team number 4 performed better than others. The winners got sweet prize as a reward.

Children’s parents and close family members came to the camp to see them. Co-chairman of Russia Muftis Council, imam of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Volga Region Muqaddas hazrat Bibarsov also decided to pay visit to the camp. During his visit, he talked with children and their parents, asked of their attitude and wished them to have good vacation and a great time.

It’s worth noting that the camp has got its own TV station, “Muslim TV”. Camp’s operators document children’s everyday life and in the end of each day summarize its most significant events, while the camp counselors hand out goodies to those who distinguished themselves in that day.

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