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Russia mufties Council expresses indignation with another mass media provocation

The announcements of the head of the Public relations department of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJCR) Boris Gorin, the speech that sounded as a support of aggressive Zionism of deputy head of the foreign church relations department of Moscow patriarchy bishop Egoryevskiy Mark., the use of unworthy technologies in text supplement of the newspaper “Izvestia” – all these facts are solemnly considered by Russia Mufties Council as a planned action that has nothing in common with the care about interconfessional dialogue and mutual understanding.

Neither Russia muftis council has received any official document on this account on the part of FJCR, nor any attempts were made to clear up the situation with the heads of the RMC. The situation was left to mass media for judgment.

“In case FJCR that is known to a Russian organization considers itself a part of Zionist regime, then its announcement of the suspense of the relations with Russia muftis Council is quite understandable”, commented his statements mufti Nafigulla Ashirov.

Russia Mufties Council regret of such position of the FJCR and considers the situation depleted.


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