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Summarizing the results of the visit of the delegation of Russia Mufties Council to Ossetia, August 13 – 16 2008

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim!

The delegation from Russia muftis Council visited the capital of the Republic of North Ossetia Vladikavkaz and and the Republic of Sounth Osetia city Tskhinvali, the place where the peace-enforcement operation of the Russian troops towards the troops of Saakashvili regime has ended.

The delegation was headed by the president of Islamic Culture centre of Russia Abdul-Vahed Niyazov. Among the members of the delegation were: deputy chairman of the Religious board of Muslim of Nizhniy Novgorod region Damir-hazrat Muuhetdinov, head of the department of Local religious organizations of Religious board of Muslims of European part of Russia, imam-mukhtasib of Moscow region Arslan-hazrat Sadriev; director of “ Medina” publishing house (Moscow- Nizhniy Novgorod) Il’dar Nurimanov; journalist Djannat Sergey Markus.  

During the visit the meetings took place with:

- Boris Chochiev, deputy chairman of the Republic of South Ossetia;

- Sofia Khubaeva, head of the department of the contacts with the religious organizations of the Government of the Republic of South Ossetia;

- bishop Georgiy, the head of Alan eparchy of the Orthodox church (subordinated to the Greek church  in Athens and not recognized neither by Georgian no by Moscow Patriarchy.

Besides that numerous meeting were held with the citizens of the city ruined by the aggressor, with the militaries of the regular Russian troops and ossetian militia, doctors and the servants of the Ministry of Emergency situations.

On august 15 the members of the delegation participated in the Friday prayer in the cathedral mosque of Vladikavkaz, then held press-conference in the office of the Religious board of Muslims of South Ossetia, which was visited by the ossetian journalists and press-secretary of the Russian Public Chamber. The press conference had a great resonance in Osseti mass media and in the Internet. The “ Medina” publishing house presented to the state officials, representatives of the Orthodox church and military men its newspapers, magazines and books as gifts from the Muslims of Russia.

As a result of the visit the members of the delegation state:

- The situation of humanitarian catastrophe that placed to the edge of genocide the osseti people, among them first of all are the citizens of the South Ossetia, is induced by the aggression of the regular troops of the criminal nationalistic regime of the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili. He bears all the responsibility for the death of more than 2 thousand peaceful citizens, tens of peacemakers, soldiers and officers of Russian army, that protected the Osseti people against the destruction of villages and the town Tskhinvali.

- The peace was broken bythe Georgian party who started firing the town Tskhinvali on the night of 7/8 August, 2008 from the mount “Grad”. Moreover, this was preceded by the “peaceful” speech of Saakashvili translated by the Georgian television 2hours prior to the fire, in which he stated the necessity of peace between Ossetis and Georgia nad of his love to Osseti people. Thus the attack together with the mass media disinformation was treacherous. Some junior soldiers from the Georgian army were unaware of the order and thought they were to held “training fire”. This is how the act of genocide named “operation “Clear field” started

- The first Georgian tanks and armored carriers entered the town under the signs PF – peaceful forces, thus deceiving both the peaceful osseti citizens and the Russian colleagues – peacemakers. Such a lie is the first to occur in the history of the peacemaking forces.

- Being officially “Orthodox” people and having five red crossed – the symbols of Christianity – on the state flag, the troops of Saakashvili have made an incredible crime against the Osseti people, most part of them also being Orthodox people. The fire was made even from the temple of the Georgian bishop in Tskhinvali. The peaceful people who tried to rescue in a temple received pot shots. The head of Alan Eparchy the bishop Georgy (Putakhe) regards this unprecedented brutality as a logical result of the ultra – nationalistic propaganda that is being led for more than 20 years bythe Georgian Patriarchy and personally its head Iliya II under the motto “ Georgia – for Georgians!”

- The events that took place in the South Ossetia can not be qualifies other that genocide of Osseti people from the part of the Georgian people, led by their president Saakashvili under the ideological support of the Georgian Patriarchy, and with total ignorance and indifference of this from world mass media.

- In the context of the words being said, it becomes clear why in Georgia the Muslims activity has been handicapped: all the Turks – mekhetins failed to received the citizenship in Georgia and had to depart first to Russia and then to the USA, the Muslim Azerbaijani people are being under press, Islamic party cannot be registered.

- Todays, Tskhinvali is almost dead town, its population is merely 15% from the previous. It is seen by the image of the town that severe battle has taken place inside of it, the otwn is seriously destructed. About 80% of the destructed buildings are civil.

- The regular troops of the Russia Federation who fighted against aggressors were joined by the Muslim Osseti people from the people’s militia.

- It is worth noting that the mufti of North Ossetia Ali – haji Evteev conducted heroically in the circumstances as effeirs to a true Muslim leader. Already on August 10, he was in Tskhinvali amidst the shooting and street fighting and inspired people fighting there both Muslims and the soldiers of the Russian army. During the fighting the Chechen battalion “Vostok” sent by the President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov distinguished themselves as good soldiers. It is mostly due to them that the town was freed from snipers.  

- People of South Ossetia after being attacked, received protection from the historical neighbour and the guarantor of peace on the Caucuses – from Russia. Russian mass media presented the situation adequately and operationally, with accordance to the ethic norms when broadcasting warfare and its tragic repercussion for peaceful citizens.  

- Our civil and religious duty as Muslims – to make a contribution to guaranteeing security of Osseti people and their lands, to contribute to quick restoration of peaceful work of infrastructure of the South Ossetia.

- It is also important to solve the existing problems in the organization of Islamic life: to return to the control of the Religious board of Muslims of the Republic of North Ossetia the Shia mosque of Vladikavkaz, to accomplish the repair works and to begin the service in the mosque of Beslan, to transfer to the balance (or in the rent) the Sunni mosque of Vladikavkaz and to provide it with additional halls for ablution, lessons with children and youth etc.  It is of extreme importance to register Muslim community in Tskhinvali, to develop there constructive dialogue with the Government of the Republic of South Ossetia anf the Orthodox church and other religious and social organizations. To create operational contact with the divisions of the Russia Mufties Council.

- At last, the members of the delegation consider necessary to address in the name of Russia Mufties Council the Muslim international Community, in order that both leaders and common citizens could get objective information about the events that took place in the Republic of South Ossetia . We have the right to call our co-believers to support the policy of Russia that saved the small nation of South Ossetia from genocide, towards understanding of necessity of the forceful methods that were implemented by Russia against the aggressor.  It is also important to tell about the active participation of the Muslim of the Caucuses in the battle for justice, about the role of the USA and Israel in provoking conflict and armament of the future aggressor. It is also important to explain the ideology of Georgian nationalism that became the leading ideology in Georgia and in fact leads to degradation of the Georgian people. It is also important to explain the difficulties of the people who are not Georgian by nationality and who are not Orthodox but living in Georgia . And it is also important to call the Islamic mass media not to yield to false actions of proamerican and proisrael mass media, but to illustrate the events on the Caucuses either by sending their own journalists or through Russian Muslim mass media.

- In conclusion in is worth mentioning that many Muslims who took part in a noble mission in the South Ossetia were honoured on the government level. The head of Russian peacemakers, Tatar by nationality, the commandor of the Russian peacemakers in the Couth Ossetia, general – mayor Marat Kulakhmetov met with the president of the Russian Federation Michael Medvedev and was awarded an order together with other leaders of the operation “enforcement Georgia to peace”. Among the Muslims who were awarded the order for Courage were sergeant Akhmed Balkarov, soldier Eduard Kulushev, by the Georgian Cross IV were awarded junior sergeants Atsamaz Kelokhaev and Rustam Yunusov, soldiers Farid Mustafin and Nail’ Nurgaliev. The Medal of Zhukov was awarded to the soldier Azat Nurtyshev.

The visit to Ossetia took place on the eve of the night Bara’at. Every day we felt the suppot of our brothers in faith, the resuls of their prayers and the Mercy of the Almighty.

Alhamdulaahi Rabbil Alamiin. Amin.

Vladikavkaz – Tskhinvali – Moscow .

August 13 – 16, 2008

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